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How to use

Registration and Login

The first thing you need to do is create an account, simply by filling in the registration form, it will take just one minute until you are ready to list your first 'space'.

Once registered, you can click on the link to login to the site using the email address and password you gave on the previous screen. Once you have logged you will be taken to your dashboard.

To list your first property, click on 'get started'

Create a new advert


Fill in the form as well as you can but remember the more information you give, the more likely your listing will appear in searches! Required fields are shown in Bold and Postcode is mandatory as it pinpoints your space on the maps. Describe the 'space' in a detailed way using any keywords that would help your 'space' get found by the users of the site.


Please prepare your image in advance by making sure it is the right orientation and shows your space to its full potential. To add your image use the 'choose file' button, find the photograph you want to upload from your computer, you can do this to find all 7 photos at once and when you're ready, then click on the 'upload photos' button.

Once you have uploaded your photographs, a text-box will appear against each image for a photo caption, this is optional.

We recommend that at the very least, you upload the 'main image' photograph as you are more likely to get enquiries for your 'spaces' with pictures, you can add up to 7 photos in all - the choice is yours.


Once you have filled in the rest of the form and selected what date you would like your 'space' to appear on the site from, click 'preview and confirm'. Note: the process is not finished yet! This is the screen to allow you to see the listing in its live format, from here you can go back to the form and change any details as many times as you like. Once you are happy with the preview you need to click 'confirm' -confirming will finalise your listing and set it to appear in the searches (unless you have specified a start date in the future).

At any time you can create a new listing just by clicking on the 'Add new listing' button at the top right of the navigation area once you are logged in.

Please note: Any listing that has been reported to us or is deemed by us to be inappropriate or has been listed in a way that is considered by us to be deliberately misleading will be removed without warning.


From your logged in Dashboard homepage you can easily see all of your information at-a-glance:

  1. Number of new messages about your space(s) or from the WantDontWantSpace team - click 'inbox' to read and delete your messages.
  2. Space(s) expiring soon with the expiry date shown
  3. Expired space(s) - you can click on your expired listings and re-post them as you want.
  4. A list of your current 'most visited' listings showing you which spaces are drawing the most attention in the searches. If you have many listings, this section will only show the 6 most viewed.

My listings

Once you have your first 'space' listed, your 'My listings' page viewed from the dashboard will show you all of your listings displayed in the order that you originally placed them. This will be displayed on several pages if you have many. Alongside each listing, you can see the expiry date, how many times it has been viewed, how many enquiry messages (if any) are waiting for you to read and finally, a status icon that shows if the listing is live, expired or if you have decided to hide the listing from the searches (set at the bottom of the edit page for the listing in question).

My account

Here you can edit your account settings and change personal information and your account password, you can also delete your account permanently.


All of your messages are displayed and you can click any message on the left to read in full, select it for deletion and if you have many listings, sort them by listing using the 'show' drop down option at the top.

We hope you enjoy your experience using and hope that you find suitable tenants for your space as fast as possible!

Regards from the team here at